Just Thinking... Seeking Peace at Christmas


The countdown is on. Little kids are excitedly watching for signs of Santa Claus. Teens are anxious for school to end for the holidays. Adults are worried about how many more days they've got to shop. Musicians are worrying about how many more practices they have. Pastors are trying to get the real message out in the few days left.


Add to this the fact that life keeps on coming at full force; work, cleaning, meetings, cooking, flu, traffic, unexpected visitors, and unexpected requests. Along with this are the large moments of birth and death. All of this keeps on coming.


When and how will we be able to celebrate the birth of a Child? 


I don't believe the culture will stop so that we might have our peaceful Christmas, but I do believe we can learn how to celebrate the Life of this Child in the midst of such a wild and busy life. 


I think first we must remember the words of the Psalmist to "be still and know that I am God." You and I must make time to be still, if even for a couple of minutes as we look at all God has placed before us. Secondly, we have to remember that on the first Christmas it was just as hectic and crazy, and yet Mary and Joseph found that despite their troubles the God who made all this Christmas possible was the same God who opened unexpected doors so that the Child might arrive. It was not a peaceful or silent night!


In the midst of life moving forward, I commend you to look at where this Child is and to claim the gift of being able to see Him and to claim Him for this season in that moment. Regardless of what is going on, even death, remember He came just for this moment.


Do not let the culture be your enemy but instead your avenue for seeing and experiencing the coming of the Christ Child this season. Open your hearts and minds to a new Happy Advent and Merry Christmas.


Breathe, my sisters and brothers, and enjoy!




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