Just Thinking... and praying


A Prayer for the Atlanta Emory District of The United Methodist Church ...


Most loving and gracious Creator God, thank you for the outpouring of your love, experienced in this season and each day of the year you afford us. As your called and empowered clergy, we are grateful for the faith you place in us to share such a powerful and life-changing message. You have given us such a gift in Jesus Christ, and to share that gift is our hearts desire. 


Together we bring our praise to You the One and only God for the gift of salvation that came down in humility and poverty. We pray You will continually remind us that in humility and in the poverty of our souls we will find You and be able to share with all our sisters and brothers the love of Almighty God.


Jesus Christ, the child of Bethlehem, the offering for sin at Calvary, look upon us with the eyes of love and forgiveness that you opened that first night so long ago. Jesus, look upon us and allow us to see deep into your heart and realize the unending love of our Savior and our Lord. 


Holy Spirit, come into this hectic season and allow us time, time to breath and to see the full power of God's mercy and grace in Jesus Christ. Let every carol, every brightly covered package, every morsel of food remind us that Jesus came to fill our hearts and lives and continues to come each day. For just as we are Easter people, we are "Christ-mas" people as well. 


Oh, Giver or all good and perfect gifts, pour your love on my pastors, on their spouses, on each child, grown and still growing. Renew the gift of Christ for each one of them in these days before Christmas. Shower each congregation with the snow of unending mercy and grace of the One who came and will come in order for them to be your people for a new day and new year.


Remind each of these excited and hopeful children of yours that they are loved by You and by me. I pray that in the days to come as we move into a new year that there will be no doubt but instead the calm assurance of the love of Christ in and through them. I pray for blessings so rich and so full that these preachers will live amazed each day at God's touch upon their lives.


Thank you for Advent, for Christmas and the New Year. May we all live these day in honor and service to You. Come, Lord Jesus!




I do love each of you so much, and I pray this prayer and more for you. Have a blessed Christmas and prepare with joy for God's New Year. 





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