Just Thinking... and Being Thankful


I want to take a moment and say, "thank you." I want to say thank you, because I believe it is important to share appreciation for the excellent and sweet-spirited work being done by each one of you for God's kingdom. I also think you need to know that your good work does not go unnoticed.

Thank you for being faithful to the 2014 Fair Share Mission Asking (Apportionments). Our district gave to others $2,596,424. We came in at 86.42 %, and while that is not number 1, it is faithful giving from your churches to the needs of others. Thank you for the capable leadership and sacrifice you made to make this happen. 

Thank you for meeting the deadlines for the preference forms. I know this is a lot of work at the ending or beginning of the year, but your attention to this allows me to do my work as best I can for your. I'm grateful to the SPRC Teams and pastors who got the forms in and who added powerful comments of support. It does my heart good to know how much you are loved and supported.

Thank you for offering to your people opportunities to be invested in worthwhile missions and support. Because of your heart and willingness to push the generosity envelope, we have over $5,000 toward the new church in Portugal. Because of your loving kindness and your people's care for one another, we have raised over $3,000 for the Carlton Family.

Thank you for being so radically hospitable. We had a great event at Grace UMC as we welcomed Global Ministries to Atlanta ... to Georgia on Sunday evening. Thank you for reaching out to these servants of God and offering them a place within your communities of faith. Thank you for coming out on Sunday night for another worship service and for being great hosts. 

Thank you for working so hard with all your heart to bring people to a saving relationship with Christ Jesus. I so enjoy adding together each month the numbers of baptisms and professions of faith. We are doing kingdom work ... you are the servants in the fields working long hours so Christ's kingdom might be full. 

Thank you for supporting me with your prayers and your words. You all mean so much to me, and for me to know how you have my back... well, words cannot describe how my heart is bursting with joy.

Thank you for the Christmas gift that went toward my tuition at Candler for the DMin program. That is a true blessing and helps so much.

I am the most blessed DS to have the best clergy and the most awesome congregations in North Georgia. 

Thank you for all you do for Christ! Never doubt how much each of you is loved.



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