Tent Meeting: Preaching to the Choir has Never Sounded Better


A long rainy day was coming to an end. I had settled into a seat a bit too close to the stage when the four-part harmony began. I could feel the smile swiftly stretching across my face. There was a balm in Gilead that evening. If you are looking for a reviving night out, let me invite you to a Tent Meeting.  The simple story follows one man’s struggle to hear the voice of God in a time of financial distress and scarcity. Since all good stories are stories of redemption, knowing that he rediscovers his booming bass singing voice so that God can speak through him once again will not spoil the ending.

Theatrical Outfit specializes in stories that stir the soul. Tent Meeting will be on the boards until Palm Sunday, April 5th.
A Full Review

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