Get In With Your New WebMD PIN


If you’re a HealthFlex participant, watch for an important letter from HealthFlex/WebMD the week of April 13. Every HealthFlex participant and covered spouse will receive a personalized letter.

This letter contains a new personal identification number (PIN)—which is required to verify your authorization to access personal health information through the HealthFlex/WebMD Web site. This is a one-time authorization designed to maintain the security of your personal health data as HealthFlex moves away from using Social Security numbers later this year. After you’ve entered your new PIN once online, you won’t need to do it again. Whenever you visit the HealthFlex/WebMD Web site in the future, just use your username and password.

If you have questions about the new PIN, call the Health Team at 1-800-851-2201; at the prompt, press option 1, then 0.

Please note: For maximum security, all PINs are randomly generated by computer. The Health Team cannot recover lost PINs, but can provide instructions on the replacement process. A replacement PIN will take several weeks to arrive in the mail.

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