Great Stewardship Ideas


Twelve Specific Things Church Leaders Can Do Now to Increase Giving
By Lovett H. Weems, Jr.

1. Immediately make sure your personal giving is what it should be.

2. Immediately say "thank you" and find ways to do so regularly all year.

3. Tell people regularly what was accomplished through their giving.

4. Immediately do something concrete to assist those in economic distress.

5. Ask lay professionals to conduct workshops on budgeting and personal finances.

6. Focus on worship attendance since participation makes people more likely to give.

7. Begin teaching stewardship to parents to help them teach their children about giving.

8. Promote at least one new "first fruits" method of giving to encourage regular giving.

9. Take small steps toward having people discuss how they think about money and giving.

10. Promote alternative visions of the good life to counter media consumerism.

11. Move from a "pay the bills" church to a "live the vision" church.

12. Stay positive in everything related to money.

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