‘A Billy Sook’

Terry Walton


‘A Billy Sook’

I Was Thinking…

With the twelve days of Christmas just completed I find myself reminiscing of Christmases past.

Several Christmases ago I was given a book by our oldest son, Benji.  It is a book by Shel Silverstein entitled ‘Runny Babbit’.  I enjoy Shel Silverstein.  He authored ‘The Giving Tree’ which Sharon and I have shared with family and faith family over the years.  ‘Runny Babbit’ points out the importance of the order of letters in words.  To get letters out of order creates all kinds of havoc (thus the title Runny Babbit).  Here’s a sampling of Shel’s work from ‘Runny Babbit’:

The Kungle Jing
“Oh I am the Jing of the Kungle”,
Runny roared to one and all
When he wore his cion’s lostume
To the Walloheen bostume call.
But there he met a leal rion.
Who said, “You’d best cake tare,
And do not start believin’
You’re the costume that you wear.”

This is a creative way to remind us that there is a certain and proper order to things.  And to ignore this intended order does tend to create confusion.

Getting the right things in the right places is important to our lives as well.  It can be easily forgotten that taking care of first things first is critical.  For example taking care of our souls and our significant relationships and our parenting and…all are important.  When we don’t, there can be losses that wear us down and break our hearts.

So…how are we doing as this New Year celebrates its second week birthday?  Are things in order?  Are the correct things first?

I realize that ‘Runny Babbit’ is a billy sook but it has something to say to us.  I heally rope that we will listen to the message.  It can help our lives to be meal reaningful.  Remember Lod goves you and that there is a proper order to things.  Have a wreat geek!

Always Thinking…


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