ReThink Church-We're collecting doors here!


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No matter where we find ourselves in ministry, God always seems to be opening new ways for us to serve in the name of Christ. Take a look at these websites to see and hear exciting stories about the way the open doors of the UMC are making a difference in the world...
The Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church in Eatonton recently painted their front doors red. Red is a traditional color for church doors as it is said to symbolize entering into the grace of God through the blood of Christ. Red doors have been a symbol of refuge for those seeking a safe place and serve as a reminder of the fire of the Holy Spirit that manifested at Pentecost. 

Tom Compton says, “Our Trustees planned the painting to be completed before Pentecost. We embrace the doors' symbolic fire of the Holy Spirit as well as the symbolic blood of Christ. We hope to live up to the various other traditions of hospitality, warmth and refuge as well. As a bonus, I think the change will be noticeable for the daily traffic down Sparta Highway and reflect our transformation."

So as Pentecost approaches May 31st, take a picture of your church doors. Ask your congregation what these doors mean to them and to the community around then.  Send us a picture of your doors and share what you discovered.

Doing all we can to keep opening doors. 

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