Where Will Amazing Happen?


The theme of the 2009 NBA Play-Offs is "Where Will Amazing Happen?" Well, it happened in Cleveland, Ohio on Friday night, May 22.

It was the second game in the Eastern Division Playoffs. Hedo Turkoglu scored to give the Orlando Magic a two-point lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers with one second left on the clock. Game over. At least that is what I thought.

Cleveland called a time out. Why? It’s over!

After the time out the Cavaliers put the ball in play with one second left in the game. The inbound pass went to 23 year-old Basketball Wonderboy, Lebron James. He took the pass as he moved away from the basket, turned and put up a 23 foot jump shot that went in! Impossible!! Cleveland wins!!!

How can you catch a pass, turn, jump, and shoot with such accuracy and speed - one second.

Just another reminder that nothing is impossible. I don’t know what the odds are that this could happen but it did. Why? Because Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers did not give up. They used the time and talent they possesed. Although it seemed absolutely hopeless, they had one more opportunity. They took it and they won!

What could happen in our churches and in our lives if we played the game of life with the attitude the Cavaliers displayed?

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