Two Opportunities to Positively Impact Your Health at AC2009


Your Conference Board of Pensions & Health Benefits invites all HealthFlex members to take advantage of 2 opportunities during annual conference to positively impact your health.

1. Visit our computer kiosk station to take your Health Risk Quotient (HQ). Get help logging on, spend a few minutes privately reviewing your health risks.

2. Visit Becky Mader of ProCheck from 7 to 10 AM on Tuesday-Thursday for a FREE health screening. (Non HealthFlex members eligible for $115) You will be evaluated for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney & liver disease, thyroid disorders, anemia or excess iron, and prostate cancer. Blood drawn by phlebotomists from Athens area hospitals. Test evaluations by Oklahoma University Hospital laboratory with results provided directly to you. No appointment needed, but 12 hour fasting requested.  Fasting preferred, but not required.

Special time available Wed 11:15-12:15. Come before lunch!!

Please bring your HealthFlex insurance ID card.

Be proactive in caring for your health and encourage your family members to respect their wellness.

General Board of Pension & Health Benefits (GBOPHB) is offering  $100 to participants and covered spouses who are in the active plan, and who both take the HQ before 6/30/09. If only one takes the questionnaire, where both participant and spouse are covered, neither will receive the $100. The money will be deposited in Virgin HealthMiles accounts. Participants and spouses must enroll in Virgin HealthMiles by 7/5/09 to receive HQ payment.

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