Faith Prints


Tomorrow I am leading a memorial service for the state convention of a women's philanthropical educational organization that I am a part of. One of the things I have done to get ready for this service is prepare a power point that has a picture and brief bio about each one who has died in the past year. As I first began working on this, I saw it more as a chore than anything - but as I began to receive the submissions from across the state, I realized that it would be more than just a usual power point presentation. Each picture and bio that was lovingly sent was a story - a story of someone who had made an impact.

It made me think about what kind of picture will be remembered and what words will be said about me when I am no longer a part of this earthly world. Just as fingerprints are left behind, and no two are alike - so are our faith prints - that evidence of our faith that we leave behind.

What kind of faith prints are you leaving each day that show your faith? What kind of impact are you making in your world - whether it is in your family, your community, your church or beyond? Are you living every day showing evidence of your faith?

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