Leadership Resources for Youth: B1: Fast Today, Change Tomorrow


New Downloadable B1 Video

Quick, snappy, and substantive, this newly released three-minute online video explains the fasting campaign, B1. B1 is a response to teenagers' concern and action on behalf of poverty in their neighborhoods and around the world.

B1: WayDuring Lent 2009, about a dozen United Methodist youth groups participated in the 24-hour food fast. For example, two youth groups in New Jersey raised nearly $5,000 to support The Advance programs of their choice. The B1 campaign is about choosing to do something, taking a stand, and belonging to a larger purpose.

When faced with poverty, people may ask: "What am I going to do about it?" For one answer, view this short video and be inspired. Get ready to motivate your youth group, community, or church. Join The Advance staff and volunteers who will launch the B1 campaign across United Methodist churches throughout 2010.

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For more information on the B1 campaign, go to: www.fasttodaychangetomorrow.org

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