How Do Those Ducks Survive?


It rained yesterday like it was never going to stop. It had been raining for the past several days. If it rained like this much longer we might all need to build an ark.

I had been coping with Atlanta traffic while driving in the rain for quite a while. I was anxious to get home and relax. As I approached the traffic light just a couple of miles from home I saw about a dozen ducks ahead. Four lanes of traffic. Bad weather. Impatient motorists. A formula for disaster- at least for those crazy ducks who were slowly making their way across four lanes of traffic and across a grassy median.

The ducks waddled slowly along in single file as if they owned the road and had all day. The cars stopped and waited until they had all safely crossed. Then the drivers sped away.

How do those ducks survive in this dangerous environment? It is by God's grace and the goodness of human beings. In a clash between ducks and automobiles there is no question that the ducks would lose. But as I have driven up and down Peachtree Parkway I have observed the scene described above many times.

It is amazing that human beings will shout obscenities and often resort to violence when a driver cuts them off or stops suddenly in front of them. But they will interrupt their travels to allow ducks to cross the road.

It is nothing but the grace of God and a glimpse of the image God that resides in every human being. Someone said there is good in the worst of us and bad in the best of us. Thank God for the times when the "good" is expressed and the "bad" is suppressed.

God help us to let grace guide our actions and the goodness of God to be shared through us.

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