Appreciation - to add value


 Got a note from Trinity UMC in Gainesville Florida which was worth sharing

A message from our Lay Leaders,
One of the special opportunities we have as Trinity’s elected Lay Leaders is to work closely with Trinity's dedicated clergy and staff. October is Clergy and Staff Appreciation Month. We encourage you to set aside a special time to write a brief card or letter to any and all of Trinity’s staff. Let them know just how much their many hours of hard work and dedication are noticed and appreciated. A list of all of Trinity’s staff members can be found on the church’s webpage. We will be placing baskets around the church (Narthex on Sundays and Receptionist's Desk during the week) for the entire month of October to collect any cards or letters you place there. We will deliver to the staff.
Please join us in showing appreciation for all they do by dropping a card or letter in the basket. 
God Bless,
Brian Myers, Lay Leader 
Sally Scott, Asst. Lay Leader

What might you be doing to appreciate others?

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