Stewardship Vision


After a brief conversation, Bill Burch at Sam Jones in Cartersville ran with my idea of 2010 as being "better than average vision." Their stewardship Sunday will begin with "20/20: Clear Vision," when they will look at how our stewardship enables the church's ministry. The second Sunday is "20/10:
Better Than Average Vision," and They will look at personal stewardship as a spiritual discipline.

Bill Britt at Peachtree Road is building on the theme of "Enough" with "A Christian's Guide to Surviving Economic Upheaval" as they consider topics such as:
Simplicity: Living in a Material World
Contentment: 'Tis the Gift to be Simple
Generosity: The One Thing Lacking

This year we are pledging for our passions at Peachtree Road UMC!  Asking for the congregation's support, we believe we can make a positive impact on every person who turns to Peachtree Road for support, inspiration, fellowship, security, faith...and simple friendship.  We are asking the congregation to join us and help turn visions into realities! make it count, make it happen--this year to say, "i pledge." 

Please share your stewardship ideas with us.

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