All Are Our Heroes


"Elekta is proud to embrace and support All Are Our Heroes, a song project that offers a message of hope to those whose lives have been touched by cancer. After serving as presenting sponsor the past five months, Elekta is proud to reveal our own hero, Caryle Ketchum. Daughter of Elekta employee Linda Ketchum, Carlye overcame stage four tongue cancer in 2007 with the aid of Elekta equipment.

 "A remarkable person, Caryle's story of survival continues to amaze those who meet her. After undergoing treatment that began with the removal of nine teeth, followed by a 16-hour surgery to remove her tongue, clinicians told Caryle she would never speak again, wouldn't be able to swallow and have to use both a trachea tube and a feeding tube. According to Linda, "We understand about 98 percent of what she says when she speaks, she can swallow liquids, she can breathe on her own and feeds herself with the feeding tube.

 "Carlye lost an eye to diabetic retinopathy, and has been completely blind five times in her lifetime. This year, she had open-heart surgery to replace her aortic valve. Still, she is doing remarkably well and is working on a book to inspire other survivors.

Click here to watch Caryle's story on All Are Our Heroes Web TV.

"We are so grateful to know Linda and Carlye and truly thank them for sharing their inspiring story."

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