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Advent Idea, article in the latest newsletter by Dr. Marcia McFee

Part of what I love to do in my newsletters is pass on ideas that I've heard that I think should get spread around.  This is what I call "cross-pollinating!" One of the best ideas I've encountered this year for Advent comes from the folks at Freedom Oaks Metropolitan Community Church in Austin, TX.  Their theme for Advent is "Simple Gifts" adn they will begin Advent with all the usual sanctuary splendor of the Advent/Christmas season.  But then each Sunday they will recess out parts of that abundance, poinsettas, greenery, gifts of clothing or toys for those who need them, decorations, goods for food banks, etc. until by Christmas Eve, the sanctuary is pretty much bare except for the light of Christ as evidenced by Advent wreath and Christ candle.  In this way they celebrate the true spirit of giving and sharing of love and resources and will be left wit hthe symbol of the most important and ever-present gift of all-the gift of God's presence, Emmanuel. Terrific!

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