Old Testament/New Testament in 20 Minutes Sermon Series


Rev. Bill Burch at Cartersville UMC recently did a two week sermon series on the Old and New Testament. He shares his sermon plan and resources below.

A Note From Bill Burch:

The OT/NT in 20 minutes was a two weeks series. There were 3 parts to each week:

1) A handout in the bulletin with background information
2) An explanatory part of the "sermon" that we staged earlier in the service that gave an overview of the OT or NT
3) The "sermon" was a retelling of the OT/NT in story form

(All of the documents are linked below.)

We used visuals with a variety of Bibles on the altars, including copies of the ones the church gives to children when they are infants, third grade, and high school seniors. In Children's Time, we talked about how they thought the Bible is so important that a child born in our congregation will receive three Bibles by the time they graduate high schoo

If I do this again, I think I would add some other components, possibly including:

1) A third sermon in the series with whys and hows of personal Bible Study
2) A short term study outside of worship about the Bible, tools for Bible study, etc. Possible growth of a small group Bible study out of the folk who attended.
3) Use this series to launch a "read the Bible in a year" or at least "read the NT in a year" follow-up 

If you did this in August, it could also launch your fall Bible study and Disciple courses.


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