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The following upcoming workshops are available online through and may be of interest to UM congregations.

Wesley Ministry Network courses

Joining in partnership to bring quality online educational opportunities to Christian leaders, and the Wesley Ministry Network will present three courses beginning February 22, 2010.  The Wesley Ministry Network ( is affiliated with Wesley Theological Seminary.  Click below the titles to learn more about these courses. 

Simply Christian
<> Feb 22 to May 2, 2010
What is the core of the Christian faith?  Is it reasonable for modern people?  Ten inspiring lessons will offer a fresh presentation of the timeless truths of Christianity. 

Devotion to Jesus: The Divinity of Christ in Early Christianity <
Feb. 22 to April 23, 2010
When, where, and why did people first believe in the divinity of Jesus? Dr. Larry Hurtado demonstrates that the true story of the early Christians' devotion to Jesus is amazing. 

Religion and Science: Pathways to Truth
Feb 22 to May 2, 2010
Dr. Francis S. Collins hosts this ground-breaking series in which over a dozen leading scientists, theologians, and philosophers explore the contrasts and similarities between religion and science. 

Another new course approved by the GBOD as an advanced course in Lay Speaking Ministries is thrilled to be working with Sandy Jackson of the GBOD to bring the opportunity for an online option for advanced lay speaking certification courses for these Christian leaders.  The first course offered was Leading Worship 101 for Lay People which began in February.  The next online course approved by the GBOD as an advanced course in Lay Speaking Ministries is –

Multimedia Technology in Worship for the Church Volunteer 101
March 15-26, 2010

Rev. John Zimmerman brings his 20+ years of pastoral ministry and his gift of implementing multi-media technology in worship to this seminar. Students will be introduced to the hardware and software in worship technology and discover their ability to plan, create and implement technology in a worship setting. The workshop will also help the student learn about worship itself and the role of technology in design, appropriateness and excellence. Special consideration will be given to budget and a low-cost approach to technology implementation. This workshop is designed for the church volunteer or pastor who would classify themselves as “beginners” in multi-media experience.

Other upcoming IFD Courses:

Writing (or Editing) Your Safe Sanctuary Policy
– March 1-27, 2010

This four-week online workshop for United Methodist congregations instructed by Beth Perry <>  will help you write (or edit) a Safe Sanctuary policy. It is for congregations who care about their children but who haven’t yet put a policy in place and/or congregations who have a policy that needs to be edited. There must be three participants from each congregation (examples): the pastor, another staff person or a representative of SPRC; a representative of the Trustees; and a representative of the children/youth ministries. These three people will be the basis for the congregation’s Safe Sanctuary committee. Each congregation will need a copy of the most recent edition of Joy Thornburgh Melton’s book Safe Sanctuaries which participants can share or a copy for each participant.

You’ll learn why congregations should have a Safe Sanctuary policy; who to include in your Safe Sanctuary committee, what the Safe Sanctuary Policy and Response Plan are; how to get them approved in your local congregation; how to implement the policy once its written; and unique issues that may arise in different congregations.

How to Become a Disciple Online Facilitator
April 12-23, 2010

Do you have persons in your congregation who are missing out on DISCIPLE because of their schedules? Do you have some whose travel keeps them from committing to a weekly class meeting? Do you have some who might like to take DISCIPLE with others who have a similar life experience? How about the appeal of participating in a serious, transformational Bible experience with other Christians from around the world?

The Institute for Discipleship is developing plans to provide an opportunity for Christian leaders to participate in DISCIPLE Bible Study -- online!

In this workshop, DISCIPLE Bible Study facilitators will learn how to facilitate this amazing, life-transforming 34-week walk through the Bible in an online format using one of the top educational online software packages available. Used primarily for college online course curriculum, offers this software for use for online workshops and other educational opportunities to nurture and enrich Christian leaders, lay and clergy, for effective living and ministry. launched the first Disciple Online groups in the fall of 2009.  These five groups are just a few weeks into the New Testament portion of the study.  Their pioneering efforts have been very productive and successful in building community, studying scripture, and allowing this transformational Bible study to transform their lives.  We look forward to having some personal testimonies from these group members available soon. 

Richard and Julia Wilke are co-authors of DISCIPLE Bible Study.  Richard Wilke is a retired United Methodist bishop, now bishop-in-residence at Southwestern College in Kansas. 

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