God provides--often in surprising ways


Wllda Warren is a member of the Welden Sunday School Class at Norcross First UMC. Her class uses its Sunday offering to buy items for the Norcross Cooperative Ministries. The following is her account of what happened.
Today I was at the Dollar Tree where I buy a lot of big bottles of shampoo. I was in my own little world with my shampoo when I felt these eyes looking at me.  I looked up and there was a young gentleman (probably mid 20's) asking me if I liked shampoo or was I buying for a beauty shop.  I gave him my story.  He asked me what church, so I told him and invited him to come to visit us. He went on and I continued my shopping.  As I was emptying all of my goods on the counter, he appeared in front of me in the line, ran his credit card through the machine and said "I am paying for all of this".  I have never had that to happen to me before.  I have had many conversations about what I was doing because I buy so much of the same things.  The total was over $80.00 and he also paid for what I was buying for myself. 
His only request was that we pray for the success of his business.  Please join me in this prayer, the Lord knows who he is!

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