The Right Visuals with the Right Words


The Wall Street Journal ran an excellent article by graphic designer Nancy Duarte on the importance of using the right pictures with the right words when you're making a presentation.

Some of the points and tips she touches on are:

  • We do lots of presentations these days, but "few people are trained in visual thinking."
  • When pictures* and words are used well together it deepens the experience, "unifing mind and emotion."
  • *But, they have to be the right pictures.
  • "Keep slides simple."
  • "A slide's message should come across in two or three seconds."
  • "Think of each slide as a single word in a sentence ... and move through them as fast as you'd like."
  • "Unpack technical slides and deliver the information through a story."
  • Use slides to remind an audience how your message matters to real people.
  • Bar graphs and charts may be colorful, but don't make an emotional impression.
Read the whole article at:

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