Back to School Sermon Series


There’s something about back-to-school that makes everyone feel the possibility of a fresh start. For students leaving behind the grades of prior semesters, becoming an A student feels like a possibility once again. Getting new school supplies is fun (at least for kids) and that new pencil box, markers, and notebooks gives the feeling of starting with a clean slate. A new window to the world is open and anything seems possible. Back-to-school can ignite these feelings in adults as well – it’s almost like a mini-new year! Parents think about how they’ll be more involved in school, and perhaps church. Adult learners start new semesters and move a little closer to that degree or goal that they’ve long dreamed of. Older adults enjoy reliving memories as they watch children go through this rite of passage.
Back-to-school season is also a time of refocus for the church, bringing people together to start new spiritual disciplines. Christian educators create sign-up lists for classes that meet congregational context, and create hospitable environments for the Holy Spirit to flourish. Teachers prepare in study and prayer for the work that lies ahead.
 A Fresh Start focuses on this season as a way to create that hospitable environment for the faith community. This four-week series addresses the following topics:
Week 1: Backpack Blessings: taking God with you to face fear, uncertainty and dreams
Week 2: Fitting In, or Becoming Fit: self-acceptance, peer pressure and self-worth in God
Week 3: When the Lead Breaks: dealing with disappointment 
Week 4: Each Day a New Beginning: learning how to begin again
Outbound challenges are included to help the congregation take faith to the streets and show the love of Christ.
A Fresh Start multimedia bundle ($25) includes:  
•5 Worship Videos 
• Worship Slide and Bulletin Cover Graphics
•Direct Mail, Door Hangers, Newspaper and Invitation Card artwork to invite others

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