Meeting Scheduling Made Eas(ier)!


How many emails and phone calls does it take to schedule a meeting? If your experience has been like mine over the last few weeks, the answer is: way too many! Everyone is so busy that it's almost impossible to find a time that works for everyone.

Why not cut down on some of the back and forth by using one of the online scheduling services to help you find the perfect time to have your meeting?

Here are two great (and free) websites that can help:

Here's more info about Doodle and When2Meet from their respective websites:

Doodle eliminates the chaos of scheduling and saves you a lot of time and energy when you’re trying to find a time to bring a number of people together. The service is used for business and personal scheduling by more than 10 million people per month. Instead of using just one option, Doodle enables you to propose several dates and times and the participants can indicate their availability online. You'll find the perfect time to meet in a quick and easy way no matter how many people and calendars are involved. Doodle is free and doesn't require you to register. Advanced users can connect their calendars, customize their own Doodle, and use a lot of extra features. Doodle offers scheduling for everyone. helps you find the best time for a group to meet. When2meet is compact, so that events can be created and accessed quickly. When2meet is a free service. Anyone can create and participate in availability surveys at no cost.
Doodle is great to gain a very specific meeting time and When2Meet is great for recurring scheduling or trying to schedule around blocks of time.

Try them both out and let me know what you think! Also, if you have suggestions, send them to me too!

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