Have You Considered the Sunday School Rotation Model?


Sunday school classes for children sagging in attendance?  
Struggling to get teachers to commit to teaching because preparation is demanding?  
Classrooms outdated, empty, or underused?  
Seeking to rekindle energy for Sunday morning children's classes this fall?

For over 20 years now, many churches have been answering these questions and concerns with the Rotation Model.  This approach is still working and if you haven't tried it, there is plenty of reference material available to help you sort out the particulars.

In a nutshell:
Look at and re-organize your children's classrooms into distinctly themed spaces that function as a creative space for specific activities.  A few ideas might be; an art room with easels and such, a room for just games and toys, a room with a small stage focused on short dramas or puppets, a room wired and filled with computers, a mini theater room for videos and DVD's, a room for story-telling and reading, etc.  The possibilities are limitless.  You decide what would work based on the talents of your members and church leaders.

The children "rotate" to a new classroom each week.  If you have, for example, six themed classrooms, you will have a six week rotation; four classrooms, it will be a four week rotation, etc.   

The same Bible story is taught in each classroom but from the perspective of the classroom theme.  The art room draws and paints the story.  The DVD room watches the story or shoots a video of the children recreating the story.  The computer room researches the story, looks at maps.  Etc.  Six weeks featuring six different approaches to one story.  The children visit each space one week at a time.  They get variety, reinforcement, and creative opportunities for self expression. 

Teachers stay with their classroom (though rotation guides who travel with the children can be very reassuring).  This means teachers can use the same material for six consecutive weeks, adapting only slightly for different age groups!  This is very appealing to busy adults.

This is the rotation model in a nutshell.  Summer break is almost over but depending on your situation, there is still time to consider this approach.  Be sure to talk with your church leadership before you get too far along on this.  It works best when everyone can celebrate new ideas together.

Of course, if you would like help, your conference leadership is always available.  Call Connectional Ministries if you want more information - 678.533.1442.

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