Do you know Prove it!

Sybil Davidson


Okay, You have clicked through enough to know the Calendar from the Clergy Locator. But do you know where to turn (or point your mouse) when you need the list of Special Offering Sundays? Here’s a quiz ...

In what month is the Wesley Woods Offering?
(Hint: Click the “Benefits and Finance” tab, then find "Special Offering Sundays" in the far left column)

You are looking for an Administrative Assistant job. Do you know if any UMCs are hiring?
(Hint: Click “Resources” then “Classifies, Employment”

Who are the Safe Sanctuaries Trainers in your District?
(Hint: Click “Ministries” then Safe Sanctuaries)

Someone forwarded you a really inspiring edition of Monday Morning in North Georgia e-newsletter. How do you sign up?
(Hint: the tip top of the screen has some helpful links - such as e-Newsletter Subscriptions)

You are excited to be going to Annual Conference 2013! What are the dates?
(Hint: Click “Calendar” and “JUNE” of “2013”)

Congratulations! You are a insider!

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