Create and Use QR Codes

Sybil Davidson


Have you seen or used QR codes? Those black and white squares that take you to a website on your smart phone? Some uses are just for the novelty of it (have you seen one go past on a bus?), but there are practical ways you might incorporate a QR code into your print publications, bulletin or signage.

The key is that the link the QR code opens must be mobile phone friendly.

Here are a few ideas for using QR codes:

- Put a QR code(or codes) in the bullitin that take members of the congregation to your calendar, to the sermon scripture or staff contact information.

- Put a QR code outside the sanctuary that takes congregants to the order of worship or a list of prayer concerns.

- Put a QR code in a meeting room that links to the agenda.

Creating a QR code:

Once you have a mobile-friendly webpage chosen to share, copy the link. Use an online QR code generator like to create your code. Then save and use it in print!

The QR code to the North Georgia Conference website is above! Feel free to use it in your church publications!

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