Just Thinking... I'm So Thankful


Just Thinking ..

I was celebrating the fact that I was blessed to see a new sister in Jesus Christ come into the Family of God and another recommitted her life to the following Jesus. I'm so thankful that I got to be a part of this great birthing. It is just one more thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

So as I think about what I'm thankful for I thought I'd share it with those I love very much, each one of you my brothers and sisters in the Ministry Family.

I'm thankful and so grateful for:

... My wife and my three children (It is always a bed of roses  with thorns at times)

... My best friend and side kick for all he does to show love and support

... My calling in this ministry and to serve as your District Superintendent

... For churches who strive to pay 100 % of the Fair Share Missional Asking

... For pastors who tirelessly preach the love of Christ and not just on Sunday morning

... For cooler weather and the changing of the colors

... For health and strength to keep on keeping on.

... For a place to call home that shelters me from the elements

... For food at every meal and snack time

... For a great movie at the theater with buttered popcorn

... For Netflix that saves me paying movie prices and having that buttered popcorn

... For technology that makes life easier (even as it demands my attention 24/7)

... For rain because I remember what it is like without rain

... For the hugs and acts of encouragement as I seek to do God's will and work

... For you and that you take the time to read this and all my communications

... For God's gift of mercy and grace with I need daily and find daily in the heart and life of Jesus Christ. 

As you carve the turkey and embrace your family around the table, please consider all God's benefits for you and yours. All that out shines anything the enemy can throw at you to steal you joy and your thankful heart.

With gratitude,


P.S. Thank you for the great Worship Celebration at St. Mark yesterday and for the powerful sermon by Bishop Watson. God is sure good!

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