Just Thinking... Prepare and Get Ready


Just Thinking ..

Are you preparing? Are you getting ready? What for you might ask. Let's see Charge Conferences are over and there has been a good response to the Survey Monkey sent out. Over all the majority enjoyed the Pairing Conferences and the worship opportunity. A few tweaks and I will be working on 2013's Charge Conferences.Are you preparing? Are you getting ready? What for you might still be asking. Well Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we need to make sure our people are searching within to see what there is to be grateful for in this season. I'm enjoying the FaceBook daily thanks listings. I want you each to know how thankful I am of you and your ministry here in our district.

Are you preparing? Are you getting ready? What for, for heavens sake?  The Christian Year is about to being anew. Advent is before us and I hope and pray you are ready for a time of celebration as we gather all of God's children home for the holy days. I hope that you have prepared with excellence in mind not with how much you can cram into the days. In the midst of all this planning for others I pray that you won't lose sight that this season is for you as well. Please take time to experience the joy of God's greatest gift to humanity. Take time to allow the Holy Spirit of God to wash over you and lighten your heart and your soul. Wait and prepare and God will not let you down.

Enjoy the week ahead and know that God is already there waiting to lead you and support you as your prepare and get ready.

In Christ Alone,


P. S. Yesterday we were blessed to share in worship with University Heights UMC. Thank you so much for a powerful worship experience. We celebrated with Still Waters UMC the plans for remodeling and upgrading their facilities.  I was blessed to return home to Salem UMC in Covington to preach for Sunday evening as the "Old Preachers" return this fall. Salem is a great church and I am grateful to each of those saints for growing me up.

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