Mission Moments

Sybil Davidson


There are so many resources available to United Methodists! It is like a treasure hunt tracking down just the right tool for someone. I recently came across an excellent, no cost piece available through www.umcgiving.org - Mission Moments.

What you’ll find here is a short write up about an apportioned fund, special Sunday, The Advance, or giving in Genera. Then there is an offertory prayer and newsletter nugget for every week of the year. You can use the story to introduce the offering. If you would like to use different content than the current Sunday, simply use the search function for the topic you’d like to use.

The Mission Moments are updated on the 15th of the month. For example, for September, the Mission Moments will be available by August 15th. Check back often for new material to use in educating your congregation about apportioned funds, Special Sundays, the Advance and giving in general.

These Moment for Missions, Offertory Prayers and Newsletter Nuggets are to be used each Sunday. Please feel free to use all the information given for your church publications and website.

To find Mission Moments, go to www.umcgiving.org, and click the "Mission Moments" tab.

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