What's Your Story?

Sybil Davidson


One of the best parts of working in the Conference office is getting to glimpse the scope of the work going on in churches across North Georgia. What inspiring, exciting, innovative or interesting thing is going on in your church?

We would love to feature a "Vital Congregation" moment from your church on the Conference website. Email me a few paragraphs and send along a photo, too, at sybil@ngumc.org

Click here to read a few of the stories we've highlighted recently, including:

  • Boynton UMC Welcomes 700 (Yes, 700!) to 'Christmas on the Farm'
  • Marvin UMC warms hearts of wounded warriors
  • UMCOR is on 'bucket list' of two Georgia churches
  • Union UMC Takes a Journey Into Imagination
  • St Paul Grant Park is Opening the Doors to the Neighborhood
  • Chatsworth Member is Visited by Grace

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