Say Cheese! We're on Instagram (And Your Church Can Be, Too)

Sybil Davidson


The North Georgia Conference started an Instagram account this week (our handle is "ngumc") and it's easy for your church (or youth group or mission team) to set up an account, too.

If you don't have an Instagram account:
Instagram is a free photo sharing app you can download to your smart phone. It's a fun way to share photos, add interesting filters and keep up with friends without all the typing. You can easily share the pics from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter or by email, too.

You may want to create a personal account first to experiment before launching a church account. To get started, simply download Instagram from the App Store or Google Play onto your phone. Register. Start taking photos (you can take pics with the app or upload photos from your phone's photo roll).

Create a church or group account exactly the same way you create a personal account. Just log out of your personal account and choose "register" again.

If you are already on Instagram:
Go to your profile page and choose logout from the upper right menu. Then register as your church or group the same way you originally registered your personal page. Be thoughtful choosing a username and password. You'll likely share the password with others, so stay away from something that is specific to you.

The next hurdle ... remembering which account you're logged in to before posting!

Say Cheese!

PS - UMcom has a video tip on using Instagram in your church. Check it out at:

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