Just Thinking... Thanksgiving and Blessings


It's time to call the family together, to gather around the table and carve the turkey. It's time to cheer for Georgia (you pick ... Bulldogs or Yellow Jackets) It's time to sit back and recall the vast number of blessings that God has poured upon you and your ministry in this past year.
I want to give you some things to consider as you prepare for Thanksgiving Day, because I'm a blessed man and wish to share with you some of those blessings.
I am thankful for ...
* A loving wife and full of life children
* A great and amazing best friend and DLL who is always there.
* A tremendous Administrative Assistant who loves this district and each clergy / laity family.
* An extended family that keeps bringing new members into the circle, even if they don't pull for Georgia but some strange team like West Virginia, who each add so much.
* Old friends who continue to be friends no matter the many miles we are apart.
* Health and strength, even as the years keep on advancing.
* A Bishop who allows me to serve in a very important ministry and gives me the honor of representing him.
* My cabinet brothers and sisters who are friends and support in a weary land.
*  178 clergy who trust me to serve them and work on their behalf. Also for their families who are sweetness and strength in a difficult but rewarding call.
* Food, shelter, clothes (even if a bit out of style) and warmth or cool depending upon the time of the year.
* The mercy and grace of Jesus Christ which reaches out to even me.
* Second chances that I don't deserve but that the Holy Spirit generously shares.
* Each blessing, each difficulty, each answer, each question, each moment of life.
I could go on and fill this and hundreds of other "This & That's" with the greatness of the Lord. I hope you will take some time this week to consider the greatness of the Lord and rather the Dawgs or the Jackets win to know that our God loves us so very much and gives us so much to be thankful for and all God asks is that we acknowledge the source of all the blessings.
"We thank you O God for your generous heart and loving spirit that you pour on us all through the year. We simply want to say thank you and we love you with all our heart. You alone, O God, make it well. Thank you and praise you loving God. Amen"
Happy Thanksgiving,
P.S. I'm grateful to see the great work that Sugarloaf UMC and Matthew Mitchell are doing to rebuild a foundation and to be a strong UMC for the community and the denomination. Great worship on Sunday.

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