Just Thinking... Sense the Excitement


Everyone is getting very excited. The crowds are getting bigger, and the traffic is getting slower. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

There is only one more Sunday, and then the joyous full day of Christmas Eve. I know that many of you have been planning for many months the Advent and Christmas Eve worship experiences. I can sense your excitement.

I hope the crowds are getting bigger in worship, and the traffic slower as more cars fill the parking lots. I hope they are coming because Christmas has more meaning for them than simply chestnuts roasting on an open fire and gifts. I pray that you and your staff are whetting the appetite of your people with the good news of great joy.

That news, of course, is that Jesus is coming! This is a very interesting season when we prepare the hearts for the remembrance and the anticipation of Jesus's arrival. I long for the celebration to begin and for every heart and mind to embrace the truth of these days.

But, just like Christmas, the return of Jesus needs to be prepared for, the ways need to be made straight, and the people made aware. Unlike Christmas, which will come and go ready or not ... Jesus's return can't happen till we have done all we can to prepare the hearts and minds of all with the love of a gracious and mighty God. This God gives God's best so that every valley and every hill and every heart is filled with the greatest of Love.

Jesus came to show us God and a way to God. Jesus comes to show us again God's grace and awesome love in Jesus.

I think that is something to get excited about. Bring on the crowds and the traffic to the Lord of Lords, to the Savior of the nations and the Savior of you and me. What an awesome Christmas gift!!

Happy Advent as you spread the joy,


P.S. I was truly blessed to stand and preach in the pulpit of the Grace United Methodist Church this past Sunday. What a beautiful congregation and space to bring the Word of Faith.

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