Just Thinking... Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas! I pray this Christmas will be one where Christ truly comes to you and your family in a powerful and loving way. You have been so faithful to share Christ during these Advent days so that others may know the full love of God but now it is time for you to receive what you have offered to others so freely and fully. 
Have you prepared room in your heart for the Christ of God? Have you taken time to look into the flames of the Advent Wreath and experience the Holy Spirit? Have you given thanks for the blessing of friends as you open the Christmas Cards? Have you?
I truly hope Christmas does not come and go and the only thing you receive is a tired spirit and a grateful feeling because it is finally over.
Make room in you hearts for the great love of God poured out at Bethlehem in the best and only way for you. Look into the flame of the candles and see the power of the Holy Spirit falling fresh upon you and yours to lift your spirits from the weariness into a pure joy that will not dim as the lights go out at night. Give thanks to our God for the gift of family and friends and let them know your love for them ... every day. This will show that Christmas has come and continues to come to all whom God loves.
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God loves you so very much. 
From all of us at the Atlanta Emory District Office we do wish you a truly Christ filled Christmas and the best of all in the New Year. May the gift our love and our support keep you always.
Dana ... Teresa ... Dale ... Joe ... Del ... Janet ... & Martha McKoy

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