Just Thinking... I have a dream


"In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men (and women) will see visions and your old men (and women) will dream dreams." - Acts 2:17

This is the Martin Luther King Day of celebration for one who had a dream. Since I was a little child I have heard Dr. King's speech over and over. It is just as powerful today as it was way back then. I hope my children will continue to hear it till the dream becomes a reality.

Yes, I want my children to speak boldly about the truth of Jesus Christ. I want all young men and women to see the vision the Christ has for His Church. As I age I guess I fall into the old men category so I pray that the dream God instilled long ago will continue to give me drive and determination.

While my dream is nothing as poetic and powerful as Dr. King's I believe it is as important for our United Methodist Church. 

I have a dream where we will sit together and discuss all issues, child of God to child of God. In this dream we don't point fingers nor do we raise our voices except with gladness.

I have a dream where we work harder and smarter at making disciples of Jesus Christ for the true transformation of the world instead of working meaner and leaner at picking the right disciples for Jesus Christ.

I have a dream where we catch a glimpse of what God sees the United Methodist Church doing and, as men and women of Jesus Christ and with spirit and excitement, we work toward that goal.

I have a dream where we are as a people of God reaching in (to grow and worship), and reaching out (to touch others where they are with the love of Jesus Christ), and reaching up (to touch the face of God with one hand and with the other help another to touch His face).

I have a dream of love, unity, respect and peace amongst the people called United Methodist and in that being a witness to the world that is in need of love, unity, respect and peace. 

I don't expect my dream to catch on like Dr. King's but I believe our sons and daughters, our young men and young women will help make this dream a reality. I also believe there will be times of hardship and struggle seeking to reach that deem. But until that day I will keep dreaming and I will keep working with all my strength to help the United Methodist Church be the reality of God's heart.

Yes, to quote a 1970's song ... "I like dreaming..."



I had the privilege to preach at the First Baptist Church of Aiken, SC where my sister-in-law is a member. I hope and pray the words of my mouth and the thoughts and meditations of all the hearts in that room were pleasing to our Creator God.

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