‘Remembered Well’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking…
This past Sunday was World Communion Sunday.  All over the world and in all of the world’s time zones, the Sacrament of Holy Communion was celebrated by Christians of all denominations as well as those of a non-denominational bent.  It is a day to remember God’s gift to us in Christ and give thanks.  I remember.

Several years ago Clark Byers died at the age of 89.  This was the man that for thirty years braved charging bulls, slippery roofs, and lightning bolts to paint “See Rock City” on barns across the southland.  For years I rode with family and friends across the south experiencing Mr. Byers handiwork not knowing it was his.  Now when I see “See Rock City” I think of Clark Byers as well as my trips as a child to ‘Fat Man’s Squeeze’, ‘The Swinging Bridge’ and all the other rock formations near Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I remember.

About the time Mr. Byers died so did Robert Underwood at the age of 86.  I didn’t know Mr. Underwood but I read that for the last twenty-two years of his life he held a season pass to ‘Six Flags Over Georgia’ for the sole purpose to ride the roller coasters several times per week.  If I’m doing my math correctly that means that Mr. Underwood decided at age 64 to enhance the enjoyment of his life with the thrill of the ups and downs and the speed of roller coasters.  Each time I’m over that way in the AMAR District and pass Six Flags, I not only remember my trips up and down the American Scream Machine, Dahlonega Mine Train, etc.  I think of this elderly man and his love for fun.  I remember.

Someone coined the phrase “You only live once!”  Clark Byers and Robert Underwood are remembered for something unique and different as they lived their ‘one’ life.  It causes me to ask myself the question “How am I living my one and only life?”  Perhaps taking time to remember will help me take an honest look at my ‘once’ living.

How will people remember our living?  Will they remember our living for the good we offered…the uniqueness of our living?  Will they remember our living for the light we shared in this too often dark world?  Will they remember us as one who not only ‘talked the talk’ of faith in God but also ‘walked the walk’?  How will you and I be ‘remembered’?

Whether we choose to paint slogans on barn roofs or ride roller coasters in our golden years…what we choose to do does make an impression on someone’s life.  I remember the words of Jesus to his Disciples at the first gathering of Holy Communion.  He said “Do this in remembrance of me.”  Perhaps that is the key…May all we do be done in remembrance of the blessing of God found in Christ.  If we do…we will be remembered well.

Always Thinking…


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