Baby, It's Cold Out There


After spending three days inside my thankfully warm house with four inches of snow on the ground outside, I had enough cabin fever to drive me to bundle up and go for a walk in the neighborhood. It was refreshing to breathe the cool, crisp air and to stretch my legs. It was peaceful and idyllic to enjoy the unusual winter wonderland. It was an enjoyable experience until a pickup truck went by and showered me with slush! I brushed myself and my pride off and continued.
As I returned home, I paused in front of my home to view it from the street. Still enshrouded in snow, the house looked tranquil. I took that moment to thank God for a warm, safe place to live. In that very moment of thanksgiving I saw a bird’s nest in the small maple tree I the front yard. Funny, I had never seen it before but now amid bare branches and covered with snow it was easy to spot. Months before it had been constructed, a family of birds had made it home and then moved on. It looked inhospitable in that moment I saw it and made me remember that not far from us every day, there are lives that do not enjoy the comforts of life we take for granted each and every day. Do we see them?
Likewise, right in our front yards are people who do not know the joy of the assurance that they are loved by God so much that he sent Jesus to live, die and rise for them. Do we see them? Do we care enough to tell them or at least invite them to church? “Baby its cold out there!” Invited them in to know the warmth of Christian love and life!
Just a thought…

David S. Naglee
Rome Carrollton District

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