Just Thinking... That's Easy


"That's Easy!" That is exactly what the Staples' red button proclaimed as the pastor pushed it during the Children's Sermon. Everyone laughed; I wonder why? When the pastor asked the angelic little boy why he brought it he said, "Because life is not easy, and we need to ask God for directions." The pastor said, "Ok, then uh ...let us pray."

"The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.
We were led by a deeply spiritual and precious young man in worship. He gets it, at a very young age, he gets it and in love he shared it with us.

No, relationships - ministries - churches - people - life aren't easy. As pastors we should know this, but how often we forget it. We think that because we are following God and answering God's call, things should simply go our way. The world says good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people, but the world is wrong, and that theology is vastly wrong and for us to think our ministry should be easy ... we got it wrong too. 

We need to daily (no ... every moment) ask God for directions, because it is so easy to get off the path and to follow our own heart's desire or direction. "We got this. God; it is easy, after all I'm a seminary graduate." "Hey God, let me try this on my own,ok? I know what I'm doing." "I'm the spiritual authority around here. I can't let the people think I need help!"  It's not easy; we need to daily (ok ok ... every moment) ask God for directions. God knows best. God wants to us to call upon God and not to push the easy buttons of life but to give it all up to God and say, "Here I am ... now what?"

That messenger of God who reminded this old preacher that it isn't easy that we need to ask God for directions also reminded a entire church last Sunday, and because an angel of God was present we made a decision to move forward in faith because that's what God said to do. I'm so humbled to have shaken the hand of an angel.

Oh. to see the the rest of nature (you and me) getting along and hanging out together ... let's look for the Child to lead us.



The Bishop's Bridge to Missions - Portugal Team has arrived and is beginning to learn how to be in a Mission Covenant and to share the love of Christ. Please pray for us. I will return after the Cabinet meeting on March 7th.

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