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Welcome to the Connectional Ministries blog! The CM team will be sharing occasional updates in story and photo as we travel the North Georgia roads and serve with our churches.

My personal experience the years I've been in this role has been that my work with CM makes me your field agent. So, I'm your extra team member who can help with ideas, preaching or teaching, or networking. Or whatever you might need related to effective mission and ministry. It's an exciting time to partner in this as the church lives with the challenges and opportunities today. In many respects, it's not too different from my years in program ministry with churches, except that now I enjoy working with more than 800 congregations! The CM team is some small piece of your apportionment funding at work, so call on us knowing we are "free but not cheap." :) What a joy and fun challenge it continues to be assisting our congregations in being alive to God and alive to our neighbors in the community. 

So, every day is somewhat different as the task is to be in YOUR context and assist your congregation in your next best steps in ministry. This also allows a lot of opportunity to partner well, to learn together, for sharing what other churches are learning, and for all of us to live into the fullness of Christ as we help our churches grow.

You'll find in these Connectional Ministry blogs our stories from the road that we see as modern day circuit riders. Our church is the Church, and it's a great joy to be in this type connectional ministry. In some ways, these blog entries may be like the old circuit rider journals as we share the silly and the sacred, the ups and the downs, and all of the adventure of following Christ with you in your church and community. Along the way we'll showcase a variety of churches and contexts, and hope that you'll invite the Connectional Ministries team to assist you in helping your church reach out in your next steps toward the Promised Land.

This morning I was driving by some churches noticing the morning traffic, praying for those congregations, and wondering how churches reach out to commuters to win over new friends and create allies. What "on ramps" does your church have to intentionally help folk off the street and into an entry-level experience with your congregation? What hindrances does your church have to engaging new friends, e.g. perhaps you've never considered ways to reach out to the community, or your church processes are built too much around church members and need to be reoriented toward your neighbors? Check out the traffic count map at http://www.dot.ga.gov/DS/Data and discuss with your church leaders, and as a congregation, what you need to do to maximize your visibility and openness to the community. Whether your church is on a busy road or not, how do you deploy as a church into the community to build relationships?

No matter your context, you've got neighbors, and it's still our calling to be alive in our communities. We'll have great adventures together for Christ as we experience this sort of Methodist mission movement today! 

 About to hit the road to go into town.


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