Terry Walton

I Was Thinking…

This past week was my first time to be involved in the beginning stages of the appointive process of the United Methodist Church.  I must say I have found it insightful.  There were moments of great joy.  There were moments of great stress.  There were moments of pain.  There were moments of tension.  There were many moments of prayer and a moment of singing the Doxology.  There were moments of worship as we, the appointive cabinet, fulfilled the calling as missional strategists of the United Methodist Church in North Georgia.  There were moments…

The one thing I appreciate greatly is the care and love by which the appointive cabinet does their work.  The churches and clergy are carefully and prayerfully considered.  The challenge was to look not only at 2017 but to look at the bigger picture of years on the horizon and how clergy will be deployed now and then so that churches can flourish in ministry for the Kingdom of God.  It was an intentional and holy process. 

My first time in this appointive process made me even more appreciative of those who have done this work ahead of me.  How quick I have been to throw stones and offer sarcastic criticism of those who did this work.  Now I see clearly how difficult and how wonderful it is…all at the same time.  Now I see how privileged I have been to serve in a denomination where call is more than just one person’s opinion, emotion or insight.  It is a collaborative work with each other and with the Holy Spirit.  It is more than teamwork.  It is ‘spirit work’ fulfilling God’s will and way for God’s instruments in the world.  It is holy work.

I feel honored to share in such important work.  I feel ill-equipped at times.  I feel at such a loss to help in some really challenging situations.  But I do sense God is at work in me and in us and in this process and I wanted you to know…God is alive and well…even in what some may see as the bureaucratic business side of the church.  Yes, it is business but it is God’s business.  And God is with us!

Thanks for your prayers as the process continues.  We are in good hands with Bishop Sue and with the Holy Spirit.

Always Thinking…

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