Autumn is Here....

Quincy Brown


Autumn is finally here. Well, at least that's what it says on the calendar. The sun missed the memo and still believes that it's supposed to shine 90-degree summer heat. Let’s hope, for our lawn’s sake, that there’s relief around the corner where the sun catches up to the calendar!
Despite the heat, it's October, and that means it's time for church fall festivals, Trunk or Treat, and BBQ! Of course, some anniversaries and revivals also fill our calendars. But for most of us, the church anniversary and revivals may not provide as many opportunities for new people who never visited your church to show up. There's bad news and good news here. The bad news: Regrettably, revivals no longer bring in large amounts of new people as they once did. The good news: October is also a great time to connect with new people who show up for your community events.

If you don’t have a process, I strongly encourage you to consider the community engagement questionnaire. This process entails asking five questions to help your church listen to and learn about the needs of the community surrounding the church. Using these missional needs and strengths of your church, you can offer opportunities to meet the needs of the community.  If you’re an introvert (reserved personality) like myself, then you can partner with an extravert (expressive personality) to tag along with you to ask the questions while you write down the answers.
They're no wrong answers in the community engagement exercise, even if, you don't get the answers you want. If nothing else, it will give your congregation to get outside the walls. When done well, the questionnaire can help your church align the community's needs with the best of what you do. The key to making this work is, to begin with, the community and ask them questions instead of assuming that we know what will work.
To access the community engagement questions, please CLICK HERE.
If you want to know more about the community engagement questionnaire process, please let me know. I will be happy to work with you.
I also invite you to participate in my online class, Engaging Your Community: Answering the Questions Your Community Is Asking, held on November 5, from 2-3 pm. To learn more about participating in this online continuing education class, please CLICK HERE.
October is also the beginning of the Zone Charge Conferences. This year, each church gets the opportunity to share one new thing that they’re done to engage the local community. Here’s the schedule for the Charge Conference.
October 6 – East Atlanta Zone held at Dodd-Sterling, 5:00 pm
October 13 – South Newton Zone held at Salem, 5:00 pm
October 20 – Stone Mountain Zone held at St. Timothy, 5:00 pm
October 2 – DeKalb Zone held at Kelley Chapel, 5:00 pm
November 3 – Rockdale/North Newton Zone held at Shiloh, 5:00 pm
I look forward to seeing you there!

On the Journey,


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