Terry Walton


I Was Thinking…

One never quite knows where life’s journey will take them.  The story of life unfolds as it is lived.  Some have good beginnings and good endings.  Some have horrific beginnings then adjustments are made with the result being great endings. The opposite, unfortunately, is true as well.

My journey has been one of blessing.  I have a great family of origin, while not perfect (none are), much love and encouragement.  I was blessed to sense the call of God to ordained ministry while in High School and thus made decisions for college based on that call.  While at Berry College I met the love of my life in which we will celebrate 44 years of marriage this September.  Now three wonderful adult children and their spouses have blessed us with six ‘perfect in every way’ grandchildren.  But enough about me!

The joy of the journey has been the wonderful people that we have had the privilege of serving Christ alongside.  West Rome (Youth Director), Ravenna (Kentucky Conference), Mt. Zion in Carroll County, Ebenezer in Rockdale County, Acworth, Cannon and Gainesville First, have taught me so much about living and loving.  Even in the tough patches of challenge, there have been blessings of loving learning.

I now come to the end of another chapter in my journey.  Today, June 30, 2020 is my last day as your District Superintendent.  I have learned so very much in my four years with you, the clergy and laity of this thriving portion of the body of Christ known as the Atlanta-Marietta District.  You have been a blessing!  Those who have come to AMAR land and those who have left for other lands during the past four years…you have been a blessing.  Thank you!

Where I have failed, I ask your forgiveness.  Where I have succeeded, I ask you not give me too much credit because together with God’s empowerment we have journeyed together these years seeking to bring pleasure to God’s heart.

For those of you in the Cobb County portion of AMAR, you will discover the joy of Jessica Terrell as your new District Superintendent.  For those in the Cherokee portion, you will be enriched by John Pinson as your new District Superintendent.  One church, Bethlehem, is in Fulton County, and they will enjoy the leadership of Michael McQueen as their new District Superintendent.  Support your new DS as you have supported me, and blessings will continue to roll down like streams of living water for you and for them.   

If these ‘Third Day Thoughts’ of ‘Always Thinking’ have brought any small encouragement to you, then I am glad.  Thank you for allowing me a place to grow with you in soul matters.  I will continue writing for the conference Monday e-news “re-Vision”.  I am honored for this opportunity.  I am prayerful that this venue will offer hope and encouragement across the conference.  Thanks for your prayers to that end.

You are loved my friends…by God, by our Bishop…I wish you could know her as I know her…every decision, every prayer comes from a place of deep care and love for the clergy, laity and thus the churches of the North Georgia Conference.  And you are loved by this, one last day DS, and his wife.  May God bless you and keep you…always and forever.
Always Thinking…

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