Just Thinking... And Celebrating PKs


There are a lot of graduations photos being shown on Facebook. It is thrilling to see the achievement of these young women and men. There are smiles everywhere and looks of relief on many parents’ faces.

I have not had the privilege of sharing with students’ graduation from High School in over six years, because my office is so far removed from their life events.  But today I want to take a moment to offer words of encouragement to those preacher kids who are graduating at this time. I know of Joe and Ellie LaRocca Pitts, and I am sure there are others. PKs are a unique brand of people, and to make it this  far is such a wonderful celebration. 

To Ellie & Joe and all the other amazing PKs:

Thank you for keeping faith alive in the midst of watching your mom and/or dad being abused by church members. I have heard from my children the pain they feel on my behalf. To still have faith is a great achievement. 

Thank you for being yourself these 18 years. I know many have attempted to mold you and shape you into what many believe preacher kids should look like. With grace and kindness you have smiled and continued to be the person God created you to be. 

Thank you for reminding your mom and/or dad pastor how to laugh and to be a parent at the right time and a pastor at the right time. Your words of truth and honesty have kept us true to our calling.

Thank you for allowing us to love you and to hold you when we are beaten and worn down by the church and its wel- intentioned folk. Your presence has brought joy to our lives everyday.

We are proud of you, so very proud of you, for all you have accomplished. We are praying for you, praying fervently for all your future. We desire, deep in our hearts, that the Church and service to Christ will remain a part of your daily life. We know you will have freedom like never before, so we hope and pray you will be free in Christ. 

We also love you, all of us as your extended United Methodist family, love you with a love that will never die. When the world does its best to wear you out and to make you think you are unloved, remember we, all these preacher moms and dads, are here for you. You are never alone.

I ask that each clergy person take a moment today to remember the children, the PKs who have made or are making  the sacrifices, and to offer words of encouragement and words of prayers for them. We must cover each one in the love of Christ and the love of each mom and dad who happen to be a pastor.

Congratulations, Ellie and Joe and all the others. You are God's best!

Peace and joy,

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