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I Was Thinking…

I cannot get it out of my head.  Kamille McKinney was only 3 years old.  She was fondly known as ‘Cupcake’ to her family and friends.  She went missing and last week her remains were found after a two-week search in a trash bin.  She had attended a birthday party and subsequently abducted and murdered.  Who would do such a thing to a precious 3-year-old little girl?  I cannot get it out of my head.

We have two three-year-old grandchildren.  Their names are Brooks and Camryn.  Therefore, it is personal to me.  Brooks and Camryn are full of energy, fun, trust and innocence.  They live with honesty in all that they do and in all that they say.  They love unconditionally.  Their hugs are full of bonding embrace.  They are simply the best at imagination and adventure.  Who would do such a thing to a precious 3-year-old little girl?

If we ever needed evidence that we live in a broken world, then ‘Cupcake’ is the evidence.  Call it what you wish…mental illness, evil, sin, criminal or all the above.  However, it reminds me of why I am called to do what I do…Proclaim the Gospel through prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.  Cupcake’s demise reminds me of the importance of remembering my ‘why’ as an Ordained Minister in the United Methodist Church.  I’m not called to Ordained ministry to please or pamper.  I’m called to proclaim that there is healing and hope that is found in the surrendering of one’s life to the heart of God as revealed in Jesus.  This world needs direction and I’m called to help that journey discovery become real for all in my path.  Who would do such a thing to a precious 3-year-old little girl?

It is easy to become immune to the ‘brokenness’ in our world and dismiss it as “just another news story”.  But ‘I cannot get it out of my head’…what happened to ‘Cupcake’.  Does it bother you that a 3-year-old had to suffer such horrific violence?  Of course, it does!

And now we come to the moment of truth… ‘So What?’  If we are bothered, then ‘so what?’  Will we do something with our ‘bothering’?  I believe we will.  Let’s get to it, my friends.  We don’t have to agree on all the finer details of our church to ‘get to it’…to ‘doing something with our bothering’.  Join hands and ‘get to’ loving, caring and helping to heal this broken world.  Will it be easy?  No!  When Jesus went about ‘getting to it’ and doing something with his bothering, they crucified him.  But it was the right thing…and it will always be the right thing.

‘Cupcake’, I didn’t know you.  If I had, I have not doubt that you would have brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart.  I pray for your family and friends as they deal with horrific grief.  And I promise you, your death has gotten my attention.  I’m going to step it up with my ‘get to it-ness’ about ‘the brokenness’ that is bothering my heart.

There’s work to be done, my friends.  Let’s get to it.

Always Thinking…

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