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Quincy Brown


Does your church have an intentional discipleship path? Do you have a process for helping people follow Jesus daily? Does your church's culture hold up expectations for people becoming disciples to make new disciples? If you're like many churches, other than having a Bible Studies and small groups, chances aren't good that the average person in your congregation has ever thought about what it would mean for them to make disciples. Perhaps you're reading this and thinking about your church. Is discipleship your church's primary role? Over the years, when I've asked this question, I've received several responses. Here are a few common ones that I've encountered.

Isn't discipleship and membership the same thing?
Are there classes involved, and how long does it take?
Do we have to change anything?

Please note that I'm not trying to criticize the churches who submitted these answers. To the contrary, I intend to offer a model to recognize the church's need for a path. On Saturday, September 28, you will have a chance to experience such a model through the Discipleship Path District Training Workshop.

As the culmination of previous district training, this workshop will focus on discipleship. It will help you to define it and create a path unique for your church. Because it is a workshop, there will be time for you to practice the tools of creating and walking your church’s unique discipleship path.
Using the membership vows as the goals, each participant will work through the five connect points of church engagement to develop a discipleship plan. Below, please see the path that we will be walking together. There will be five scenarios of how your church can help walk people through your discipleship path.

Worship leads to Presence
Serve (outreach) leads to Service
Grow (faith formation) leads to Prayers
Give (stewardship) leads to Gifts
Impact (evangelism) leads to Witness
Because space is limited, we are inviting three people for the church plus the pastor. Please reserve your space today. Registration closes on September 16 at 6:00 pm. To register, CLICK HERE

I look forward to seeing you there.

On the Journey,


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