Holy Week Social Media Resources: Free for You to Share

Jessica Blackwood


Holy Week is a sacred time within our church calendar that we observe the events leading up to Christ’s death and resurrection. When it comes to communicating this on social media, we want to connect you with some helpful resources! We hope these resources will help you share God’s love to your community and world.


Stop your audience with eye-catching graphics! Here are resources for free graphics, with the opportunity to subscribe if you’d like.


Video resources to share with your congregation. Upload to Facebook and let the video do the work for you!


We’ve created a Spotify playlist just for you! Share this with your friends and congregation so they can worship and prepare for Easter all week long!


Right-click on any of these graphics. They're free for you to use!


Are you doing creative work online? Let us know so that we can celebrate with you!

Email me at jessica.blackwood@nugmc.net to share your stories, ask your questions, and connect.

Rev. Jessica Blackwood is our Digital Ministries Specialist. See her past posts at https://www.ngumc.org/authordetail/3941065.

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