I Love a Good Story

Quincy Brown


I get excited when I hear, see, or read a quest or a hero’s/heroine’s journey.  Many of these stories feature a character that has a problem and meets a mentor with a plan to help the character resolve his or her problem.  
In many ways, each church is called to take the journey or quest to figure out how to engage its community, organize its experiences, and imagine new ways to connect people with Jesus. By offering individuals a clear choice of what is (the present situation) a plan (the Good News of Jesus) to determine what could be (a better future), the people that the church leads become the heroes of their families and communities.
Every issue of Around ADOX, I will be offering an article on what I call the 3D Journey—the journey that helps pastors and leaders make people in their churches and community the heroes of their stories.  The journey is a strategy focusing on 3-D’s:

  • Dream to connect people with something bigger so that churches become relevant and influential
  • Discern a plan that inspires and connects with people through relationships
  • Develop compassionate leaders who see and hear people so that churches are healthy and growing

The second portion of the newsletter focuses on compelling church news from around the district.  We invite churches to share compelling stories about what’s happening in their churches.  Think of this as stories of wins for the church as it works together on its mission.  We will share one story in each newsletter.  We will receive these stories on a first come basis.
If you have upcoming events or job positions that you would like to advertise, we will highlight them under Looking Ahead.  Please send your information to Renee Farrar adox@ngumc.net, and we will include a summary of your event or position including your church contact information (website, email, and number).
The resource section will have links to resources for our churches and leaders. 
I hope that you will join me on the journey of dreaming, discerning, and developing new ways of connecting people with Jesus.

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