Just Thinking.... about Family


Just Thinking ...

I want to thank each of you for the prayers offered up on my behalf when I shared that I had to travel to Florida for an emergancy family issue. Knowing that you were back here praying for me meant the world to me, and it helped me get through a most difficult time. 

Many of you know that I was adopted at birth and raised in a home where abuse, both physical and verbal, were the norm. I had been told from my earliest memories that I was adopted and that I had not been wanted as a child. That was a great deal for 
a small child to handle, but somehow I managed though. As the years progressed, I was interested in my biological background, and in 2000 I found my birth mother and her family.  No, it was not an Oprah moment; it simply was a moment in my life where I began to see God's hand upon me and my life in extrodinary ways. 

Well, my birth mother died July 23rd, and the family called upon me to "come home" and to help with the affairs of my birth mother. Because my aunt has been so kind to me and has included me in the family, Sally agreed I should go and offer my support and help in any way I might. 

The flight out was beyond a mess as it was delayed for 7 hours. I finally made it to Tampa and had my first Uber ride. God has a sense of humor, for sure.  I arrived to find the family gathering to remember the life of this woman. Her life was tragic at best, filled with so many disappointments. Yet, the family pulled together and looked for the good in life. Let me say not all of the family is "religious," and I was the only United Methodist around. But together we claimed God's hand upon the lives of all of us, especially me. My bioloigcal sister, cousins, and others were amazed at how well I turned out (I know I have them fooled). 

As I listened and reflected over their words and now as I look back at the event from the comfort of my home in the arms of Sally and my family, I see God has been with me every step. No, the steps have not all been good nor always to my liking, but God has been there. God has provided a family when I had none; God provided God's people called United Methodist.

That is you, my friends. You have become the mothers, the fathers, the sisters, the brothers, the cousins for me. This is my true home of heritage and faith.  No wonder I long for events like Annual Conference or Preacher Meetings so that I can be in a reunion with each of you who have loved me to this moment. Yes, I am aware that like any family we have our "crazy realitives," and I know I might be one of those crazy ones, but nevertheless, God has brought us together to make it through this journey of life together. 

Thank you for those prayers, the notes, and the understanding. I love each of you deeply and give thanks for my family that is The United Methodist Church. I'm especially thankful to the branch of that family named Altanta Emory.



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