Just Thinking... about Sharing


Just Thinking ...

The third part of our Vision statement as a district lifts up the aspect of sharing.

We believe that one of the best ways to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ is through our sharing.  This sharing takes on many forms. 

We are encouraged to share our witness with others so that they, too, might know the saving love of Christ. We are asked to share our talents and gifts so that each congregation and the district as a whole will be poised to offer a relationship to all people. We need to share from our blessings so that those in difficult situations might find help and relief. 

Sharing... We were supposed to learn about that in Kindergarten, but unfortunately we tend to forget about it in our daily life as adults. Mr. Wesley encouraged his pastors as well as those in the bands and circles to share what they had with a generous heart. This is a part of our Wesleyan heritage and a vital part of who we are today. 

Sharing is rooting in our ability to be generous and in an extravagant way. Again, according to Mr. Wesley, generosity was rooted in grace, an emptying of oneself for others, and expression of love of God and neighbor. We are called to be so generous with all aspects of our life in ministry. We will teach this to our district and the Church. 

Atlanta Emory District will continue to be faithful to share all so that others might be blessed with life and life abundant!

I'm just thinking,


Thank you for receiving my Pastoral Letter at the Clergy Set Up Meeting. I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to "share" my heart. I pray the words from my heart to yours will allow us to boldly transform our world, especially right here in the Atlanta Emory District. 

Humbly yours, 


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