Just Thinking... " After the Loving"


JUST THINKING ... "After the  Loving..."

It all started in February with a couple of days here and in March with a few days there. April saw days that blurred into weeks, and now we are finally complete here in May. Yes, the Cabinet has been meeting and working, praying and seeking, fussing and loving with one another. 

I will share with you that I love and I admire each member of the Cabinet here in North Georgia. We have become a tight-knit family as we bond over the years with one another. We pray together, we eat together, we play together, we work together, and we get as close as any family is able. It is with love (I hope) that we hear from one of the gang now in this month of May, "I love you, but I'm tired of seeing you!"

I'm thankful that we can work so well together. I have heard the stories of other Cabinets where fights broke out, where a gun was slammed on the table, where there was mistrust of those DSs whose offices were in the "old" Methodist Center on Ralph McGill Blvd., and where relationships were broken because of the events of the Spring.  Our Cabinet is not like that at all. We are a family, and we respect one another. We fight for the churches and the pastors of the entire Annual Conference. We seek to work together for the good of God's kingdom and God's plan.

I'm thankful for the passion by which each one is driven and the compassion each one has for their district as well as the entire conference. It is a high privilege and honor to work with each one. Yes, like a family, we get upset with one another and, like a family, we love one another plus we got each other's back!

I thought you would like to know that even after all the "loving" we have done over the last many weeks, we are still a team and we still believe God is in charge of the work of our conference, especially the work God imparts to us.

I ask that you pray for each of my/your Cabinet sisters and brothers over the next few weeks and months. Pray for those attending General Conference, pray for those attending Jurisdictional Conference, and pray for our anxiety over who will be the new Bishop. We do our best, believe it or not. 

I'm doing my best, and I hope you will forgive me when I fall short,

Humbly your DS,


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